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Beginner Tips: General Money Making

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1 Beginner Tips: General Money Making on Sat May 01, 2010 3:24 am


These are just general tips for begginners. Some are quite obvious but ill put them down anyway.

Money is very easily made in this game, way more easier then alot of other games i have played. With my first month of playing this game, I had finished Proph and nearly finished EotN. Around this time i had easily achieved 80K without much effort at all. It doesn't take alot of skill, though if you want the easiet way, it does take time, but all in all it can be done.

1. Salvaging or Merching

On your way to level 20 it is best to by the Basic Salvage Kit as even with anything higher, anything salvaged won't yeild anything higher then 1-2 crafting material.

However if you want a spike of money, most have advised NOT to salvage ANYTHING (only identify items), UNTIL you hit level 20, anything you pick up just merch as salvaging isn't really worth the payment of kits.

STORE any crafting materials you pick-up/salvage in your bank. I have one bank slot dedicated to saving up materials until i have a stack of it. Only when you have a FULL stack (250) do you then sell it.

2. Mules

A Mule is sort of like a second bank, except it takes up on of your character slots. What a mule basically is, is a roleplaying character that stays in a capital city, and is generally used to sell shmit, so if you decide to rip someone off, or they think you ripped them off, your main character doesn't get flamed everytime you log on. (believe it or not, there are people like this)

The best campaign to create a mule in is Nightfall, because as soon as you do one mission you get to the most populated city in the game, Kamadan. Proph is another decent one to make a mule on, however you will need to possibly buy a run (which generally costs 2k) to Lion's Arch (LA).

For beginners I propose you make a mule at Kamadan.

3. Selling Your Stacks

Whenever you get a stack of anything, leave it in your bank, log into your mule, and keep it on him, when you have quite a few stacks of crafting materials, shout in Trade Chat until you are able to sell most of them at a reasonable price. To check the price of a stack of crafting materials, go to the Material/Rare Material Trader, press request quote and see what price is need to buy a stack of 10 crafting materials or 1 rare crafting materials, multiply that by 25, or 250 (for rare crafting) and deduct around 500g. That will be your price of that stack of materials.

*Note* MATERIAL PRICES FLUCTUATE in the Material Trader, so whenever you sell stacks always check the price first.

Another quick way, but generally halving your profit, is to sell your stacks TO the material trader, this does require alot of clicking, but you are assured 1-3k depending on the price. This does DECREASE the GLOBAL price price of the crafting material because each time you sell, that increases the stocks of the material trader, thus having a high supply with the same demand...therefore the material traders bring the price down slightly. (this does required LOADS of people selling that material for the price to drop).

4. Quests

Quests are an obvious source of income, especially Nightfall quests. With doing every quest on my warrior, and merching every item that dropped, i had around 10k by level 10.

And there you have it. Until your are level 20 and finished a campaign, your main source of income will be from selling stacks and items.

5. Items To Look Out For

2 items that do have a chance to drop at low level, and sell for quite alot are: Dyes and Lockpicks.
* White Dyes
* Black Dyes (7k-10k)
* Lockpicks (1k)

It is advised to save lockpicks for HM chests, because to buy them costs 1.5k and 10% (with out treasure hunter or lucky title) they will not break. However if you are in need of serious cash, which generally never happens, unless you come across a bargain, then it is best to save them.

Goes for dyes as well, cause as soon as you get your Prestige Armour, You will want to pimp it out.


2 Re: Beginner Tips: General Money Making on Sat May 01, 2010 3:52 am


You can buy material storage from the Xunlai Agent so they don't take up your normal storage spaces.

Material Storage
The Material Storage tab is an optional upgrade to the Vault Box that costs 50. Once it has been purchased by any character on an account, all current and future PvP characters on that account will have access, but all roleplaying characters must pay this fee individually.
Material Storage has slots for every type of common and rare crafting material, with each slot able to hold a single stack (up to 250) of that material.


3 Re: Beginner Tips: General Money Making on Sat May 01, 2010 8:16 am


you learn sumthing new everyday...i had NO idea of this...been playing jut over 2 months now...

ffs thats why i NEVER have bank space...rite im logging in now and buying that



4 Zaishen Elite Farming on Mon Nov 08, 2010 4:57 am

Neji Hyuga

Neji Hyuga
Well another great way of making money at the start is to get a PvP ranger/nuker/spirit spammer(usually its 3 rangers and a nuker or spirit spammer in the the team which is also called finisher) and make a simple trapping build and trap Zaishen elite(Note: you have to unlock it first by doing Zaishen Challenge a few time first but that's doable with trapping too. For example you do it every day and get 6000 Balthazar faction so you can get a Zaishen key which sell usually about 5k and it only takes half an hour if ya do it right and so if ya do it every day you should get 8 Zaishen keys a week which equals 40k so you only need to do it like 2 weeks and a half to get an prestige armor or whatever you want with around 100k. Exclamation Exclamation

Well it also helps you get the skills you need for your heroes if ya have some spare faction.

General Trapper
Here are a few builds: OgATYxLj1Z42cWOJndJxd25bAA This Build just try spam all traps with trappers speed on till the enemy come and put brambles at the back.
Echo Trapper
OgUScZMPLBlQyR5QcXOD3rD Basically use Arcane Echo first then Echo and then Dust trap so you can spam like 4 sand traps quickly and remember to put trappers speed on for both builds.
Spirit Spammer
OACjAuiKpSnNlTfTnTZOdiVTMTA Just a Basic Spirit Spammer Build You can mix other Spirits if ya want to, this is just a quick mix.

General Notes:Usually the trapper go to the gate trap as much as they can and put the spirits at the back where the enemy's can't get them
spirits. The Finishers usually just put down the spirits or just wait for the enemy if there a ele. And Usually go to the back of your spawn if ele or mixed group is coming.
Always remind yourself to keep up Frozen soil cause every enemy has resurrection signet.Also remember to bring a staff or focus that gives you energy as a ranger although expertise turns down the cost by half of the cost of your ranger skills.

Anyways Happy Farming! Exclamation Exclamation cheers

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