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1 Discussion on Mon May 17, 2010 9:48 am


Write, Talk and Rage about anything in the upcoming game, that quite frankly, i cant wait for Very Happy.

ill start off...ive been reading a whole shmit load of articles on the Guild Wars 2 wiki, and just came across this one the other day which gives a decent outlook on what to expect...and its brilliant...then i read sumthing WHICH I ABSOLUTELY HATE when MMORPGs do this...

3. Mobility and faster combat

"he new combat system will keep the tactical depth of the original Guild Wars but will do so with fewer skills so it will be easier for beginners"

NO. NO. NO! why make the game EASIER for beginners, i hate it when they do this, have a tutorial or something, or a learners pack, i dont give a shmit...dont make the who game easier for beginners...because...THEY WONT BE BEGINNERS FOR VERY LONG! this game isn't insanely difficult to understand...yes it is challenging to get into...but thats the beauty of it!

anyway, fewer skills!? thats just gay, ok maybe they do need to cut back on some skills but argh dont! its great to have variety...and they better not reduce the skill slots from 8! or give us more, well maybe 2 more, but yea DONT MAKE IT EASIER!


2 *SPOILER* New Professions of GW2 on Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:37 pm


this isnt really a technical spoiler...but i can state 2 more guild wars 2 professions. FOR A FACT Very Happy.


and scroll down to the bottom to see 5 pictures.

1. Warrior
2. Ranger
3. Assassin (or insanely close resemblance)
4. Another Warrior? (Hopefully not but another solider class)
5. Mesmer (without a doubt (it matches the unrevealed shadow pictures that are dotted around the front of the page)

new ones there are assassin and mesmer, and a possible soldier class...but it prob just a norn woman as a warrior. Either way mesmers are coming back and sins look like they will make an appearance too Very Happy.


3 Re: Discussion on Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:07 pm


I know one thing I'm excited about. It's finally going to be rewarding to carry more than one weapon. Since your skill bar switches depending on your weapon you won't be as limited. In my mind that more than makes up for us having less skills to pick from.
That and since the world isn't instanced, no more vanquishing. I'll kinda miss that.

4 Re: Discussion on Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:22 am


Thank god a normal play for everyone, no more "cheating", no more filfthy rich and poor players, no more farming.. and THANK GOD no more vanquishing.

Can't wait to see the demo, and of course, can't wait for the actuall thing. I'll probably buy it, if I wont be low on cash, and then we'll see. I just hope it comes out soon, cause some of us are getting very immpatient xD.

First class/proffession will probably a human/warrior. I just could never get bored with all the sword slashing. Just wondering what it'll be like, and how the whole world will look like, how big is it gonna be. Having the whole map to explore, not just 30% like it is now, and kill anything that comes through your path.

I only hope it's not gonna be as boring as WoW (At least as how much I played it - about 20 hours). And I hope there will be a lot of different skin animals, weapons, you name it. The bigger the game the better. I don't being big as 25 Gb. As long there's always something to do, something new, and no monthly fees Smile


5 Re: Discussion on Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:41 pm


No release dates have been announced. Information released in the 4th Quarter 2009 NCSoft Report states that the "current development target for Guild Wars 2 is for the end of 2010 with the full commercial release" taking place in 2011. Information gleaned from 3rd Quarter 2009 NCSoft Report specifically states that GW2 will likely have a public event in the form of a closed beta in 2010 with current projected release date in 2011.

Just round the corner now.


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