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    Howdy Peeps

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    1 Howdy Peeps on Tue May 18, 2010 9:19 pm


    I figured it was about time I signed up on the forum.

    Hello...I'm an American from Michigan who "suffers" from what most GW players have: MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). In other words...yes, I have several characters that I play frequently, my primary being Xrelle Delanoir: A spunky, young pyromaniac who enjoys long walks on the beach, goth rock, and setting things on fire. She also suffers from extreme pollen allergies and tries to avoid the woods in Kryta as much as she can.

    Charelle Laurena: Dominatrix with a flair for head games. In other words...a Mesmer with major domination skills. She enjoys foot massages, river dance, and playing mind games. Favorite weapon is a cat-o-nine tails, but since GW hasn't come out with one yet, she settles for a staff.

    As for the player behind the character...housewife with two part time jobs, 2.5 kids (husband included) and an obsession for online gaming.

    I'm not extremely chatty as far as guid/alliance chat goes, but if I'm around and you need an extra player for something, give me a holler.

    2 Re: Howdy Peeps on Mon May 31, 2010 8:13 pm


    Welcome. It's unfortunate it took this long for you to get a reply, but rather late than never, eh? Smile

    Hope to see you in-game!

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