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Overdue Update (Part 1, v. Long)

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1 Overdue Update (Part 1, v. Long) on Thu May 27, 2010 3:02 am


Guild/Alli. Leader
As so, we are loooong over due an update, which I have been putting off (I apologise deeply). My exams are all over; good luck to everybody who has exams remaining. I will be attending to any other issues pending shortly. I will be splitting up things into different posts because.. It's a lot to take in at one time.

If anyone still has not noticed (and believe me, some people are still oblivious), we have Atomic Nerd Faction [ANF] in our alliance, and go ahead and say hi to them if you have not. They ARE active, about the same as [RIP], from my PoV, so don't comment on that. XD

Concerning alliance aims, I hope to make June our turning point. We need to focus on recruiting first as only two guilds maintain a near-full guild capacity. We could have all timezones covered AND this means we can have more events, and you will be freer to do whatever you want whenever. Sometimes some of us feel a bit obligated to do certain things because no one else wants to, and we have less time to attend to personal ventures. Obviously, we need more members. This alliance is only at half it's maximum capacity of 1000 and if we can double activity in June that would be extremely beneficial.

The other reason for increasing activity is to maintain our alliance's faction level. Each guild could easily maintain 1 million faction daily. If we can do this, we own a town, should other alliances faction levels go back to normal. It would only take 10 people to donate 10k each day (via AB, JQ, VQing, Zaishen quests, it's easy). There are usually PvP-loving players and title hunters who will donate at least 40k-50k daily just by themselves. You can only find these people by recruiting; the easiest way to do this is to get as many as possible (and they'll randomly appear), or recruiting faction farmers specifically. I do NOT expect all guilds at the moment to maintain this amount of faction, but it is quite possible in the future. I will be helping guilds recruit, but it would be helpful if you all could try to as well - GLs, Officers, members, whoever. 2 recruits a day, have your own thing going, whatever. Once this hurdle is out of the way everything else can fall into place.

On a less serious note, there has apparently been a party in the [Phi] GH for some strange, strange reason. Alfa has taken screenshots which will be uploaded later because the quality is really, really strange. Maybe something happened during transaction. *shrugs* Check back soon for the uploads!

Oh, and about some 'drama' concerning a member a couple of days ago. Insulting in alliance chat won't be tolerated if I can help it. I love to hear suggestions and incorporating them into the alliance, but drama and that sort of crap is just not done. Your personal life shouldn't invade an entire alliance - you should be seeing a therapist and getting REAL help. If your problems are actually real, that is. If you keep causing trouble, please leave. My personal thoughts are: first and second times we try to help out and solve the problem, but a third just indicates your intentions to change are non-existent. Then you get kicked. Some GLs are stricter, others far too lenient, but we must learn eliminate drama. It's a game, it's meant to be fun. And don't think it is an age related issue either, as I know kids in this alliance who behave more maturely than players a decade older.


I'd like to remind you to inform all new recruits about Mumble and to keep the forum in the status message at all times, because communication is integral to becoming an absolultely awesome alliance. Even if you don't use either of those things, others might, so please inform them.

Thanks for being the awesome people you are and I wish us all good luck, which we're going to need during the coming weeks (unless you're so cool you ooze luck for everyone else).


- Tabs [Phi]

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*grins* ('the evil is implied' - Eldarion)

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