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Selling some stuffs :P

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1 Selling some stuffs :P on Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:21 am


selling Traveler weapon Ascalon Razor, Has an icy mod put on it.. 5k, willing to negotiate Razz

WiK weapons:
The Adjudicator, r9 green WiK Bow, Unique Skin, 60k (will negotiate)
Beacon Of The Unseen, WiK Channeling Offhand, 50k (will negotiate)
Harmony, R9 Divine Favor offhand, 50k (negotiable)
Fanatical Devotion, R9 green WiK Command Shield, Draconic Aegis Skin, 70k (negotiable)
The Peacekeeper, R9 Green Axe, Unique skin, 50k? again, I will negotiate lol.

Either PM me in game or reply to me here - please, reply and buy some stuffs from me Smile

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