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PvE: Survivor Titles

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1 PvE: Survivor Titles on Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:10 am


As some of you know, I've been a survivor nut for a long time in the game. I currently have 10 legendary survivor across two accounts, one on every class. I'm currently working on an additional 2nd dervish and 2nd ranger, out of boredom.

To a lot of people, getting the survivor title means little or nothing. But to a select few of us, those who follow the spirit of the title and try to achieve it the way it was meant to be achieved, it means a great deal of skill and hard work. Strategy, cunning, knowledge of your enemies, knowledge of your allies, experience, all of these things contribute to the title.

I have been doing H-Style Surviving (HSS) for pretty much ever since titles were invented in the game. H-Style stands for Honor Style or Hardcore Style, depending on who you ask. I have a few other contacts in the game who also follow this rigorous method of achieving a survivor title.

H-Style Surviving includes the following:

1. Minimal mapping out in order to save your character's life.
The goal is to NEVER map out of a combat zone, but sometimes we all make mistakes. The "dishonor" of mapping out is felt by any true HSS (H Style Survivor), but it is a learning experience. In dire circumstances, when it looks like death is unavoidable (such as if the monks are down and nobody else can heal/rez), you may map out or log off. Learn to recognize a losing battle before it becomes one, and you'll be better off. Use this only as a last resort.

2. No running other players, and no getting runs yourself.
Fight through the game and get where you need to go using honorable tactics and not cowardly ones. This encourages resolve and patience, and also gives you more chances to engage in battle to perfect your survival skills. Also, I believe that if you can't get somewhere by fighting with a team of heroes/hench, you shouldn't be there.

3. No excessive farming experience points.
This includes using Kilroy's Punchout to repeatedly amass large amounts of EXP. This practice is frowned upon by every true and serious survivor, and shouldn't be used if you want to uphold your dignity. Get your experience by doing quests and missions, and capping elite skills. Using experience scrolls are perfectly legit, and in fact encouraged.

4. Do not announce that you are a survivor.
It's fine to show off your title in town, but don't explain to the group something along the lines of:
"I'm a survivor, so don't mind me if I cower in the corner while you guys fight. Please monks, watch me and heal me all the time, don't let me die OMG!"
This is considered cowardly and makes you sound like a sniveling weenie. HSS's are expected to survive in battle under normal circumstances. Don't demand special attention from anyone - it not only makes you look like a coward, but it ruins the reputation of survivors everywhere, Honor Style or not.


It's my belief that anyone who learns to play this way and survive will eventually grow to be a much better, more cautious, more dangerous opponent to any enemy. You will lower your death rate, and feel much more confident in battle. It truly does change the way you play the game, and for the better.

Anyone interested in learning this style or achieving the survivor title (any rank) is invited to contact me (Jon Blackmore, or Vana Shadai - 2 accounts) for help with any class.

Also, feel free to post your list of survivors and which rank they are.

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2 Re: PvE: Survivor Titles on Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:19 am


My survivors:
Name Profession Rank
Jon Blackmore Mesmer Legendary
Rose The Shadow Cat Assassin Legendary
Sabrina Skye Necro Legendary
Volt Von Stone Ele Legendary
Lucas Shadai Dervish Indomitable

2nd account:
Name Profession Rank
Amberlyn SageWarrior Legendary
Katherine Katt Ranger Legendary
Silvina Silveira Paragon Legendary
Starla Makyo Ritualist Legendary
Vana Shadai Dervish Legendary
Janet Katt Monk Legendary

3 Re: PvE: Survivor Titles on Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:15 am


yeahhh. way to make me feel like a failure XD I havent even got 1 survivor. ever.


4 Re: PvE: Survivor Titles on Tue Oct 05, 2010 3:07 am


I have a ranger on lvl 12 that i want to get the legendary title for. Any hints? And yes killroy is a cheap way to do it, i'd like to earn this title Smile

5 Re: PvE: Survivor Titles on Tue Oct 05, 2010 3:42 am


Yep, l'll be happy to help you in-game. lf you want builds for ideas, I can give you some, and I'll help with missions/quests too.

As far as rangers go, they're one of the easiest classes to survive on. I always carry at least 2 bows - a sundering longbow for pulling and long range fighting, and a silencing recurve for interrupting.

For skills, you'll generally wanna ignore beast mastery and split evenly between Expertise/Wilderness/Marks. Survivor builds should be more balanced between 3 areas - damage reduction, healing, and damage. You want to be able to do all 3. So I always keep 3 skills on my bar: troll ung, whirling defense, and dryder's defense. That will ensure you can stand firm while under pressure. Because of the stances' 60 second recharge, you have to be a bit more conservative with them. Only use them when you're under pressure and stuff. And of course, be liberal with troll ung as it's a great healing skill.

For offense, poison is great. You'll only ever need 2 or 3 elites: broadhead for interrupting and dazing, and burning arrow for solid damage. Alternatively, incendiary arrows works well too for groups. I tend to stay away from barrage as you can't use preps with it, whereas incendiary allows you to put poison and burning on entire groups (of up to 3, but still).

Other than that, just don't do anything stupid like running into a group of dangerous enemies, ignoring patrols and triple-agroing, etc. As you play more, you'll learn to recognize a losing battle and flee before things get too bad. Never fight to the death. Your life is more important than your hero's.

For armor, I tend to use minor runes of wilderness/expertise/marks. Then just a super vigor and some attunement to fill the spaces. Scout's insignia is best if you plan to use preps (and you should). I put scout's on chest and legs, and survivor insigs on the rest.

You don't have to follow this to the letter, but I'm just saying what works best for me personally.

Any other questions, let me know. That's what I'm here for.

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