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Joo [That Golden Number I mean Phi]

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1 Joo [That Golden Number I mean Phi] on Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:45 am


Hey everyone! My name's Adin, but in-game, I tend to be referred to as Joo. This is because my first character was named Dung The Joo, and I have several other characters with Joo in their names. It's an odd name, I know. Dung is short for Dungbeetle, which up until my Guild Wars days had been my usual screenname. And "The Joo" is simply because I'm a Jew. You can refer to me as Joo or Adin, or something else if you prefer, so long as I realize who you're talking to. Razz

In my spare time, I play the vidya gaems and hang out with friends, and of course, play Guild Wars. I also engage in a lot of internet- and anime-related shenanigans.

I'm currently in community college studying music, namely composition. I plan to transfer to a conservatory after a year or two. If you happen to be a musician, writer, or poet, I'm always looking for people to work with.

I basically started playing when Guild Wars first came out. I was soon frustrated with my limit of four character slots when there were six professions, so I purchased a second account, giving me eight character slots. The ability to add character slots to your account didn't exist back then. Mad Once it did become possible, it didn't really matter, because I'd already updated both accounts with Factions and Nightfall. I played VERY frequently, and essentially did everything there was to do: from doing basically any possible run, to ABing, to farming, to making builds, to RA and TA. The only things I never really got into were GvG and HA. I mostly prefer PvE.

Anyway, after playing for around 3 years, I had installed EotN on one of my accounts and didn't like it much. Most of the players ended up doing all EotN stuff, so the things I enjoyed most (DoA and UW) died down. So I stopped playing, for the most part. I'd check in occasionally, but I essentially took a two-year break. I just returned from it a few weeks ago. I was wandering around ToA trying to figure out what the hell people do nowadays in the game, and I ran into Amaya Arisu Fearless Leader Tabs. She kindly invited me to this GIGANTIC, AWESOME ALLIANCE. So yea, I'm rather rusty, but my memory's been getting refreshed and I'm now aware of most of the skill updates that I missed while I was gone. I'm getting back into the game.

For the record, only one of my two accounts is in Phi. This is the account with Dung The Joo on it, which doesn't yet have EotN added to it. It does, however, have the other three campaigns. I plan to add EotN to it very soon. My other account, which does have EotN (and the other three campaigns), is in a guild that belongs to my friend Ian, who I was in a guild with for a good two years back before I took my long break. This does not mean, however, that I won't utilize my other account in helping/playing with people in this alliance. I've got thirteen level 20 PvE characters, a level 10 character I'm considering continuing to level, and two slots that I use mostly for PvP characters. I use ALL OF THEM for EVERYTHING.

I LOVE helping out and playing with guildies and alliance members. If you ever need help with or are putting a team together for literally anything, feel free to whisper me on either account. I'll also usually respond to general requests on alliance/guild chat. If I haven't done something before that you need me to do, I'm quite good at picking things up quickly, so don't let my two-year gap discourage you. I've got three years of hardcore Guild Wars action (heh) from before it.


Account in Phi (Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall, but no EotN, YET):

Dung The Joo - Male Necromancer
Argol Lorian - Male Ranger
Insane Was Squidgy - Female Ritualist
Mr Nukey Nuke - Male Elementalist
Emo Panda Joo - Female Dervish
I Poke Non Joos - Male Paragon
Joo Be Go Thump - Female Warrior
<Pvp Slot>

Account in Dead, my friend's guild (Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and EotN):

Sanctified Joo - Male Monk
The Little Pwn Girl - Female Elementalist
Mr Tanky Tank - Male Warrior
Mr Pwney Pwn - Male Mesmer
Summon More Joos - Male Ritualist
Silent Little Joo - Female Assassin
Reaper Joo - Female Dervish
<PvP Slot>

I'm very happy to be a part of this alliance, and look forward to some really fun times with you guys.


2 Re: Joo [That Golden Number I mean Phi] on Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:40 am


Guild/Alli. Leader

You're funny.

Need to discuss out rit builds soon. Smile

*grins* ('the evil is implied' - Eldarion)


3 Re: Joo [That Golden Number I mean Phi] on Sat Oct 09, 2010 9:25 am


This is one the longest self-introductions, I've ever seen on forum.
Hope to do some UW with you soon.

4 Re: Joo [That Golden Number I mean Phi] on Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:50 am


Guild/Alli. Leader


*hugs Adin*

*grins* ('the evil is implied' - Eldarion)


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