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Claudiu aka Clau aka Claw aka Neverwinter aka that guy

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Hello everybody.So,this part of the forum whants me to be a narcisist so thats what I will do....
Name:Claudiu Toader Nicolae,but you can't probably say that so schmuck it
Location:Romania,really shmit place in Europe
In-game name:Nightfall Clau,Neverwinter Rouge,Big Sword Guy Clau etc.
Hobbies:Music.I play the guitar,drums and bass.I also listen to a shmit of music,from Edvard Grieg to Lamb of God.
Looks:Kinda tall for my age,1.75.I ussualy have long hair but I had to cut it because school sucks,I dress really simple:Blue Jeans,I don't wear black jeans,combat boots/boots/skaters/all-stars,Heavy Metal band t-shirt,funny t-shirt or normal t-shirt,leather jacket.I have a dark brown hair,hazel eyes and really big lips.....
I've been playin' guild wars for...4.5 years now.


apparently,the forum doesnt let me say s h i t so they make me say something else that I forgot.I can't say f u c k either so it goes out like a schmuck or something....any ways,at the music part,its not s hit,its s hitload


Guild/Alli. Leader
LOL yeah.

Welcome to the alliance, cuppycake! =)

I've seen you around... =P

*grins* ('the evil is implied' - Eldarion)


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