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Alliance Event Week: 5th Jan -11th Jan.

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1 Alliance Event Week: 5th Jan -11th Jan. on Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:32 am


Guild/Alli. Leader
And so, the [Phi] Alliance Event!

Basically I wanted to host an event back in November during Phi's birthday. Was too busy, etc etc, so I am finally ready to host some fun and games for you all, so we can all just have some fun. And of course, there will be prizes! I have 1 million in cash to hand out, as well as other items (ectos, weapons, mods, consumables, materials, minipets etc.). Lots of us are out to title hunt for GW2, and some are still just starting out, so here is a chance to get some stuff to help you on your way.

And note: There are no entry fees. All you do show up and participate! If you have some non-ally friends that want to attend, let me know first, I will need to invite them to GH.

Below is the schedule I have planned out in an *attempt* to reach players across all timezones. If anyone would like to host the below event to help out, let me know!
Rules are at the very bottom.

All days:

All times are in GMT. EST is -5GMT and PST is -8GMT. Use Alliance Chat to check, if necessary, daylight savings sometimes gets in the way. The following events will start on the 5th of Jan!

TriviaRandom, min 2 daily - Alliance ChatTBATBA
Hide and SeekRandom, min 2 daily - Alliance ChatTBATBA
Scavenger HuntReleased 12:00 GMT24 hoursGWSc Hunt 4<-Click

All Tournaments: 22:00 GMT @ Phi GH. Hosted by Amaya Arisu.
Tournament 1: 1v1. 06/Jan.
Tournament 2: 2v2. 08/Jan.
Tournament 3: 09/Jan. (Maybe) Dodgeball Tournament. PvP/PvE Mesmer is required with Sup Runes in Fast Casting. (Must confirm this) [OQZDA8MIPlDgqWFZQKCHxNBA] <-- Use this build.

07/Jan: Alliance conga-line (First challenged by the likes of Sean (Blackmore)). Maybe get someone to play the annoying song that goes with it on Mumble. =D
11/Jan: Random draws/Hide and Seek games until any remaining prizes have been handed out.

None of the items given as prizes are listed here, but will be listed on their respective pages.
Tournaments: 1st place: 75k, 2nd place: 50k, 3rd place: 25k...... + items.
Scavenger Hunts: Winner gets 50k for each (7 total).... + items. Subsequent submissions will be allowed to choose from the weapon and mod bank and will receive at least an ecto for bothering.
Hide and Seek + Lotto/random draw: 200k total......... + items. =D

And finally: Thank you to everyone who is/did/will help out (donations, hosting etc) and making this event better. Will list your names below before event starts.


- Tabs


Hide and Seek:
You are given a clue, usually a riddle or image. Find them first and open trade. Any district, town/outpost.

Session will take place during the time slot. 10-15 questions in Alliance Chat, first person to guess it with the CORRECT SPELLING wins. Exception is punctuation (spaces, apostrophes, commas, uppercase and lowercase letters).

Scavenger Hunt:
You have 24 hours to find all the items on that list. First person to upload wins main prize. Subsequent 2 uploads get consolation prizes.

1. Please finish what you're doing early so you can be punctual.
2. The matches will be announced by the organiser. Absentees will be waited for 10 minutes only; then the list gets bumped up.
3. You enter the game with a pre-designated Referee.
4. Best out of three matches is the winner for that game; no flags, Guild Lords or NPCs; wait for health regen and Ref to say 'Go!'.
5. Winners move to next round; losers are out.
6. Lather, rinse and repeat steps 3-5.
7. Last player/team standing wins the tournament, and the prize.
Note: Dodgeball is similar to 2v2. Sign up here or in game ASAP please.


Thanks to:
Anthrax Warrior (Kiel)
Apoknothe Kroneides (Sean)
Bahl Al The Watcher (Andrew)
Colby Cheese
Crafty Name
Cross Of Justice (Martin)
Dinis Necro
Doog Si Efil (Logan)
General Sappp (Alex)
Hai Strung
Insightfull Kleaver (Marc)
Ill S A U L Ill
Iil Subaru Iil (Harry)
Jay The Ritualist
Keeper of Scars
Kurasaki Light
Lord Drekar (Ian)
Meow Oink
Possey Dervish (Dan)
Princess Tuktar
Ragner Fedthase (Rags)
Sagittario Sey
Sylana Sey

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2 Re: Alliance Event Week: 5th Jan -11th Jan. on Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:32 am


Guild/Alli. Leader
I've got to run. Will update in my morning. -.-

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3 Re: Alliance Event Week: 5th Jan -11th Jan. on Wed Jan 05, 2011 7:00 am


So whenever this even starts, I hope I'll be ready. Smile

4 Re: Alliance Event Week: 5th Jan -11th Jan. on Wed Jan 05, 2011 7:23 am


Guild/Alli. Leader

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5 Re: Alliance Event Week: 5th Jan -11th Jan. on Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:44 am


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I didn't receive too much feedback on the tournies.. Might be delayed, or cancelled.. If so, will keep prizes to pass on to another host for another time.

Got more response for the Dodgeball though!

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6 Re: Alliance Event Week: 5th Jan -11th Jan. on Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:56 am


Me and Sylana would come for 1v1 if it was 4 hours earlier, during week it's very bad.
During saturday we would come from GMT 7:00-21:00.
During Sunday from 7:00-18:30.
During Friday from 16:00-21:00.

So if you delay tourney from today to tomorrow, we might come as well as on Saturday.

7 Re: Alliance Event Week: 5th Jan -11th Jan. on Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:32 pm


Guild/Alli. Leader
I can't be awake to run it at that time... I am 8 hours AHEAD of GMT, way too tired if I am awake, and usually sleeping then by then anyway.

However, if you think you're able to run the tournament yourself at that time (maybe with help from someone else), you're free to host the tourney earlier, and if you tell me the winners I'll give them the prizes when I next see them.

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8 Re: Alliance Event Week: 5th Jan -11th Jan. on Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:32 am


If there are enough ppl, I'll run it today at 17:30 GMT, which is time we used to run it loooong time ago.

9 Re: Alliance Event Week: 5th Jan -11th Jan. on Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:53 pm


Guild/Alli. Leader
Get me online or PM me, I can give you prizes if you wanna run something. I still need to get rid of these things ASAP, but am in full swing of my exams

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10 this forum on Mon May 16, 2011 1:06 am


Guild Leader
needs more posting Laughing Razz cheers king jocolor geek afro lol!

11 Re: Alliance Event Week: 5th Jan -11th Jan. on Tue May 17, 2011 1:39 pm

Areze Valentrina

Areze Valentrina
Agreed, I check the forum often*ish and there is hardly any activity

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