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Underworld Run - Experienced players or Pugs

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1 Underworld Run - Experienced players or Pugs on Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:23 pm


Hey, I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I know that the Underworld (UW) is something most people are interested in doing in the alliance. I would love to organise a day where people from the alliance could get together to do some runs of it.

If possible it would be great if the people interested are familiar with the UW and have some knowledge as to how it works. Although, I'm also interested in taking new people too, so long as they are willing to take orders & listen/read what is going on.

A full run of the UW (meaning; getting to Dhuum and killing him) would be amazing, and it really isn't that hard once everybody does their job/role in the team properly and listens/reads what everybody else is doing. Of course if this was to happen, Mumble would be needed, and most of my guild know that I am shy on Mumble but yeah whatever, I'll get over that for a successful UW run.

I can post a full layout of how everything works in the UW. Including the quests, which to do first, builds, people who are needed most in the UW, provide maps of the areas, the enemies, skills, armor make-ups etc.

So let me know who would be interested in this and maybe we can make it a weekly/ monthly event depending on how much everyone wants to do it.

Caí x

Areze Valentrina

Areze Valentrina
Yea sure certainly Im game, I still really need to get this UW business done. I can play any Rit role or a Derv?


I am most definitely interested, but will most likely only have time on weekends due to school.

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