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Recent Drama. Just so you know.

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1 Recent Drama. Just so you know. on Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:08 am


Guild/Alli. Leader
Copy of the info I sent to the GL's I could get ahold of:

There are 3 issues that need to be addressed.

1. The recent drama.
2. [Star]'s standing. A. Certain Individuals B. As guild C. Guild Leader
3. Alliance Activity.

1. Well, for who has or who has not been online, there has been some drama. A fight developed mainly between a member of Star and a member of LoBo, with support being reeled in from both sides - more so for LoBo because they are more known. In any case:

- LoBo has left the alliance. The have been seen to. Should they wish to return apologies would be required from both offending parties and LoBo would also try to improve itself. No response will indicate no intention of returning.

This brings us to:

2 [Star]

A. Certain Individuals.
Now, the drama has occurred, and it is difficult to forget it. I ask you to bear in mind that everyone's personalities have different facets. The two people from Star are from that guild, but that does not mean the rest of the guild behave the same way. Because of recent drama, they have only had the oppurtunity to show their uglier sides in an effort to defend themselves. I entreat you to please forgive them, and to give them a chance to be nice. Speaking to them personally did not leave a good impression, but as circumstances are such they are still feeling the need to defend their personal image. The leader of our previous alliance has been called a tyrant and dictator; I have been called bossy and 'mom', and things I can't guess behind my back... Point is, their following behaviour will show what type of person they are, but need to be given the chance. You may ask: 'What if they don't rise to their alleged standards?' Then their GL is going to have an issue on their hands. You, as an alliance, should not have to deal with indecency should you already behave maturely, and decently in return.

Which leads on to the next point.

B. Guild
The [Star] guild in general has not been feeling very welcome. Now, it is understandable that lots of us do not play in the late afternoon of the PST players. As such it is difficult to get to know them. But please try to be friendly. If someone from [Star] hops online and greets everyone, and is shunted off to the site. while another member from another guild is greeted enthusiastically, it is not good-natured behaviour on our part. Please try to welcome them and get to know them. They only know of most the alliance as some people who fight, and who are rather quiet. And I, knowing and respecting all of you, know this certainly is not the case. No one else makes me laugh quite so much these days.

C. Guild Leader of [Star]...
I have known Admiral Jen longer than anyone else in this alliance. It is still currently difficult for her. Not many members remain in this alliance from her previous one, apart from those in [Phi]. If you do remember her, or have heard 'stories' and formed grudges, please ignore them. She was the single person in the entire alliance, our guild included who took the effort to e-mail me regarding the issue, and also offered her full support for the alliance. She managed to find a guild to join the alliance, and has only acted favourably around us.She is a guild leader, as you and I are, and on equal footing with all of us. The leader of [LoBo] had been given more than enough chances; she deserves a second, and with a clean slate.

In conclusion to 1 and 2: Apologies have proved to be difficult on both ends. People are stubborn. I was foolish to assume that either party would have behaved with maturity and common sense and apologise regardless of who started it as it would have kept relations intact.

In any case, I am tired of suggesting how people behave, particularly if they refuse to listen, and only 'if they apologise too'. Bugger that. This drama is over.

Now by all means, discuss this with your guild. I hate having to pull rank, but sometimes things need to be done even if they leave a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. I ask you If you honestly disagree with the current nature of the situation, so be it. If you feel the need to leave, I wish you the best of luck, as always. It's been lovely having you around, and having you with the Phi alliance, but we all need to be on board and willing to contribute to make this alliance better. Not perfect. But manageable.


3. Alliance Activity
This will be dealt with as soon as I have been contacted so that I know where [MMM], [FotF], [Hack], [DOH] and [GoSu] stand. [WITS] has disbanded. [Star] has clarified where they stand. I have ideas on how to help guilds individually and to contribute to alliance activity, but I need to know where you lot stand first. And if you will be able to raise your guild activity somehow. We will be aiming for all around activity; 5 European and 5 American based guilds. Say around 4 active minimum in each during their timezone (20 Alliance members online at any given time). I will post a draft plan and take suggestions later though. I am currently in the processof recruiting more guilds.

I ask you to trust me, my logic and thus decisions as the person you know me to be. If it comes to saying more goodbyes... That's life, and the more real part of the fantasy we play. But if we part (I do hope not), we part on good terms, and I honestly wish you all the best.

From this point on, we work together and move forward. No drama.

- Tabs [Phi].


2 Re: Recent Drama. Just so you know. on Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:41 am


So much for star right?


3 Re: Recent Drama. Just so you know. on Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:26 am


either way it is their loss.

i have played quite a few MMOs, and join quite a few guilds (some high end game/tier) and in each and every1, i can honestly say there have been minimal guilds in which the guild leader is open. Most of the time, the guild has a select 'few' in which they have their 'best' players to beat high end instances/dungeons (these wood be 10 people out of around 80) i wood be lucky to join in a dungeon if, 1. they like me, 2. one of them aint online to play. In addition the guild leaders literally rules all, and their aint no point arguin...

so i say this...it is bloody good to have a change in which there is a guild leader who tries to involve all and has a voice as well as the voice of her/his guild. and i am considered lucky, not to join in dungeons, but to be part of the overall alliance.


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