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Skill Capping List (+ Survivor)

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1 Skill Capping List (+ Survivor) on Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:21 am


Guild/Alli. Leader
Basically, to sum it up:

(from wiki)
- Total elites: 290
- Core: 30
- Prophecies: 60
- Factions: 90
- Nightfall: 110

To cap to r3 Survivor (no mobs):
- Without weekend: 268 elites
- With weekend: 133 elites

Using the guide from here I sorted the skills in order of difficulty to make the list. If you're lazy I will just update below for every 10 elites we cap. =)

Anyone is free to join me if they so wish! I will announce the elite names in Alliance Chat so you can just join then. I will be capping all through this weekend and then next week as well. If you've got your own plan, feel free to post it/comment here, and good luck with it!

Next up (30):
Illusionary Weaponry
Mind Shock
Triple Chop
Auspicious Parry
Enraged Lunge
Archer's Signet

Boon Signet
Withdraw Hexes
Word of Censure
Weaken Knees
Psychic Distraction
Psychic Instability
Power Leech
Expel Hexes
Energy Boon

Second Wind
Palm Strike
Seeping Wound
Flashing Blades
Temple Strike
Shroud of Silence
Beguiling Haze
Aura of Displacement
Clamor of Souls

Already Capped (100):
Battle Rage
Ferocious Strike
Shield of Regeneration
Signet of Judgement
Blood is Power
Lingering Curse

Crippling Anguish
Lightnight Surge
Whirling Axe
Enraged Smash
Primal Rage
Dragon Slash
Quivering Blade
Heal as One

Glass Arrows
Trapper's Focus
Melandru's Shot
Blessed Light
Healing Burst
Healing Light
Air of Enchantment
Life Sheath
Empathic Removal
Cultist's Fervor

Spoil Victor
Icy Veins
Wail of Doom
Arcane Languor
Stolen Speed
Shared Burden
Dark Apostasy
Locust's Fury
Siphon Strength

Grasping was Kuurong
Weapon of Quickening
Tranquil was Tanaen
Vengeful was Khanei
Consume Soul
Soul Twisting
Magehunter's Smash
Charging Strike
Magehunter Strike

Rage of the Ntouka
Soldier's Stance
Burning Arrow
Prepared Shot
Light of Deliverance
Defender's Zeal
Ravenous Gaze
Signet of Suffering
Corrupt Enchantment
Recurring Security

Pain of Disenchantment
Hex Eater Vortex
Extend Conditions
Hidden Caltrops
Shadow Meld
Wastrel's Collapse
Reclaim Essence
Anthem of Guidance

Crippling Anthem
Defensive Anthem
Soldier's Fury
"It's Just a Flesh Wound."
Song of Purification
"The Power Is Yours!"
Avatar of Balthazar
Avatar of Grenth
Pious Renewal

Vow of Silence
Reaper's Sweep
Grenth's Grasp
Devastating Hammer
Hundred Blades
Spike Trap
Quick Shot
Plague Signet
Tainted Flesh

Grenth's Balance
Energy Surge
Mantra of Recovery
Energy Drain
Skull Crack
Melandru's Resilience
Peace and Harmony
Keystone Signet

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*grins* ('the evil is implied' - Eldarion)


2 Re: Skill Capping List (+ Survivor) on Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:04 am


I would join... but cant afford enough signets to cap even 5 xD

3 Re: Skill Capping List (+ Survivor) on Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:56 pm


I'm absolutely down, if you see me on, I just farmed up money for 6 cap sigs, and if we are fighting our way towards the things, I should end up being able to continue for awhile after that.

4 Re: Skill Capping List (+ Survivor) on Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:23 am


Guild/Alli. Leader
That's awesome. =D

I was being witheld today to make POSTERS for my brother's stupid event next week that I am going to be dragged to.. UUUUUGH.

Well. You'll get back 1/3 of the XP that you use on the sigs.. But the money is the problem. =(

If you get me in game later maybe we can see if there is any way to get you guys some money quickly - usually by selling something. ^^

*grins* ('the evil is implied' - Eldarion)


5 Re: Skill Capping List (+ Survivor) on Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:04 pm


Guild/Alli. Leader
WOOT, I got Survivor r3. Except I didn't do all those skills in that order, mixed them up a bit. If anyone wants to cap more with me tomorrow, feel free - but the double XP bonus will be gone by the time I do cap!


Thanks for coming, those who did. ^^

*grins* ('the evil is implied' - Eldarion)


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