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1 Not a new arrival on Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:39 pm

Sparhawk 2

Im listed as Sparhawk 2 however im also Sparhawk. for some reason it would not let me sign in no matter what i did or tried so i gave up and re registered..

New arrivial

Post by Sparhawk on Sun May 30, 2010 11:04 pm
Hi im Tony (42 ) married with a little girl called katie born 25 /12 /07
just come back to GW after a 16 month break (playing WOW) after 3.5 years of GW from around 3 months after release date.
Main charaters are
Drizzit Drow (ELE) lol!
Sparhawk of Pandion (MES)
Tripod Foot long (Monk)
Wulfgar Battlehammer (Warrior)
I Like it long (Ranger)
Anck Suu Namun (Para)
Paksenarrion SF (Dervish)
Artemis Entreri Esc (Sin)
The Jerusalem Mann (Necro)
IPe Don Tfloor (Rit PVP)
Smokers Cough Cough (Necro PVP)
I have a second account which my Mian Character is
The Mord Sith Cara (Necro)
Workinh my way a through more titles on my Main Dizzit 15 so far need a few more.

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