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Guilds: In with the New, Out with.. Others. >_>

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Guild/Alli. Leader
Following on from the discussion in the previous News post, we have guilds new to the alliance. The latter two in the list have already shown to be active, YAYY. cheers

New Guilds, Hello There!

Please give a warm welcome to our new guilds that have joined the alliance:

Straight Up Fighters [SUF] - GL I Mystic Solder I
The Source Of Lit Atrocity [Slay] - GL Awesomestic Jeskya (Jeskya/Donna)

*if you guys want to list officers/any members, lemme know.

Don't go creeping them out and scaring them away now!

Give them some time, then creep them the hell out.....

Remaining Guilds............

Thanks to [LSG] for allowing to be kicked. We hope to see you soon among our allies after you guys have moved, good luck, hope everything goes smoothly! <3

So far, the remaining guilds I have not heard directly from GLs are:

I need to hear from the GLs (especially), the seconds-in-command, officers. I don't know where those guilds stand. So please let them know. They can post here, personal message, Facebook, e-mail captain1.618@gmail.com, add theresidentshadow to Skype, or get me in-game (I afk from time to time).

If I don't hear from ANY GL or second-in-command or officers within 3 days I may be kicking the relative guild on short notice if I find replacements. Those that I know are on the forum from those guilds I will send a PM to as well, not a problem.


If there is anything I neglected to add, let me know!

I will prepare a Scavenger Hunt for the weekend following the Talk like a Pirate! event. Riddles and all. Prizes as usual. Hide and Seek at random until then!


*grins* ('the evil is implied' - Eldarion)



Welcome to the new guildies :3


Welcome everyone!


Guild Leader
contact how? and?


Guild/Alli. Leader
What do you mean contact how and? I just gave a list of my contact details ^ Which you, dear Andrew, are mostly exempt from because you post on this forum, message me on Fb as well sa plague me in-game =P

*grins* ('the evil is implied' - Eldarion)



Guild Leader


7 Disbanding on Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:38 am


Hey all,

I read with intrest the points made about the guilds in alliance and potential disbanding.

Theres a lot of focus in the points on SC's - so I need to add a bit about this.

Firstly we would struggle to join either a faction farming sc alliance due to such low level faction - I'm speaking from the standing of one who has an account in the ally that own HzH.

I know the MTSC & Ferndale run inside out, and I also know that those ally's would not entertain any of the existing guilds or allow them to join.

You mentioned HA and touched on pvp, again let me inform you guys that most of the guilds/ppl involved in this are inpatient build conscious players, and without a certain title level - they would not let anyone considered a noob join the group - this also applies to UWSC & FOWSC.

Regarding activity or lack of it- People drift in & out of GW, and yes many experienced players have left the game - but ppl will always come & go in this game.
The question is what can be done to entice them to stay?
And more importantly does each GL & Officers have the energy to put into constantly reviving their guild in an ally where it's in overall decline.

Re- DARK - After nearly 3 years of frenzied player activity - I no longer want to put the energy into it, nor spending the time constantly helping newer people through the early stages as I've don it thousands of times and I feel it's now having a negative effect on me and some of the officers.

DARK still has 80+players and it will remain as a guild staging post for people to just enjoy the game.

You have a difficult decision ahead regarding the alliance - but you are right, you can no longer sit by - drastic action is needed and soon to re-invigorate it.

Best Wishes

8 well i do like to on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:23 pm


Guild Leader
think i infect you tabs =) Razz


Welcome, etc to the new guilds.

And Tabs, 1.618? Phi? You nerd!

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