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WTT/WTB Unded Minis

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1 WTT/WTB Unded Minis on Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:42 pm


I wish to buy unded minis or trade my duplicate unded minis for others:

1st year
Have for trade:
Jade Armour

What to have:
Charr Shaman / Kirin / Prince Rurik / Shiro / Bone Dragon

2nd year
Have for trade:
Fire Imp / Heket Warrior

What to have:
Aatxe / Mandragor Imp / Lich / Gwen

3rd year
Have for trade:
Forest Minotaur / Cloudtouched Simian

What to have:
Cave Spider / Ooze / Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh / White Rabbit / Mad King Thorn

4th year
Have for trade:
Dredge Brute

What to have:
Krait Neoss / Kveldulf / Word of Madness / Flowstone Elemental / Nian / Dagnar Stonepate / Flame Djinn / Eye of Janthir

5th year
Have for trade:
Cobalt Scabara / Summit Giant Herder

What to have:
Fire Drake / Scourge Manta / Shard Wolf / Siege Devourer / Oola / Ventari / King Adelbern / Zhu Hanuku / M.O.X.

Canthan New Year:
What to have: All

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