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Morostav Trail Speed Clear (MTSC KFFF)

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1 Morostav Trail Speed Clear (MTSC KFFF) on Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:55 am


Morostav Trail Speed Clear

This is the Kurzick Fast Faction Farm. It starts from Unwaking Waters (Kurzick), travels to Vasburg Armory, then travels to Durheim Archives, and then to the center of the map for the vanquish route.

The team consists of:
1. up to 5 WotA Split Assassins
2. up to 5 VoS Main Route Dervishes
3. a Mo/N Seeder/Support
4. a Mo/R Perma Seeder/Bonder
5. a Mo/P Cautery Signet/Bonder

MTSC on PvX Wiki

The main idea is to have the Mo/R cast Life Barrier and Essence Bond on ALL of the frontliners [Assassins and Dervishes] followed by the Mo/P casting Life bond. The Mo/P can cast Strength of Honor on all of the frontliners and balthazar's spirit on his/her self. This allows the Frontliners to take essentially 25% damage from all sources. This also makes the Mo/P take damage as well, which provides the other two monks with a target for Seeding, keeping them relatively out of harm.

The dervishes stick on the main path while the assassins take the other paths that split off.

We will use cons for this run, so make sure you pick up everything that drops to salvage it for mats.

If you want to learn it post here with what you can do or would like to do (I already assume we are going to have a shortage of monks, as everyone has an assassin and a dervish). Also, be sure to look at the PvX page for each profession, the routes, the videos, etc. I will also be shouting in alliance chat about it.We will ONLY be using Assassins/Dervishes/Monks, we will also be using the Easy Backline variant.

Any questions feel free to ask here or message me in-game on Shinra Guardian or any of my other characters.

P.S. I was thinking of having mumble be a requirement while we practice just so it is easier to communicate what to do. Note: this doesn't mean you need a mic, you just need to be able to listen. What do you guys think?

EDIT: This weekend (starting April 20th) I'll be helping people get ready for MTSC.

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2 Re: Morostav Trail Speed Clear (MTSC KFFF) on Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:58 am


Assassin ready for action

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