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Common Guild Wars and internet terms

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1 Common Guild Wars and internet terms on Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:22 pm



40/40 A wand/offhand weapon set with both 20% HCT and 20% HSR mods on each weapon.
55 build 55 health solo build
600/smite Two monk team consisting of a 600hp tank and a smite-bonder.


abs (Rune of) Absorption
AD American District
AED1 America English District 1
afaik as far as I know
afk away from keyboard
AoE Area of Effect
AL Armor Level
AP Armor Penetration
AtB Awaken the Blood
atm at the moment
attrib attribute

balth (faction) Balthazar faction points earned in PvP matches.
b/o buyout
B/P Barrage/Pet ranger
bbiab be back in a bit
bbl be back later
BDS Bone Dragon Staff
BHA Broad Head Arrow
Bio bathroom break (biological waste)
BiP Blood is Power
Bonder Protection monk focusing on Life Bond
boon prot Monk with Divine Boon and prot skills
B/U Backup essences (of celerity)
BR Blood Ritual
brb be right back
brt be right there
btw by the way

c/o current offer
cap sig Signet of Capture
CoF Cry of Frustration or Cathedral of Flames
CoP Contemplation of Purity or Cry of Pain

DD Direct Damage - Destruction Depths
DF Divine Favor
DNKP Defend North Kryta Province
DoA Domain of Anguish
DOT Damage Over Time
dp death penalty
DPS Damage Per Second
Drok's Droknar's Forge, or armor crafted there

Ecto Glob of Ectoplasm
Edge Edge of Extinction
EDrain Energy Drain
EED1 Europe English District 1
EoE Edge of Extinction

FA Final Assault (Sorrow's Furnace)
FA Fort Aspenwood (Competitive Mission)
FDS Fiery Dragon Sword
FFF Fast Faction Farm
ffs for f***'s sake
FoC Feast of Corruption
FOTM Flavor of the Month
FoW Fissure of Woe
FTL For The Lose
FTW For The Win

g gold
GG Good Game
GH Guild Hall
GJ Good Job
GL Guild Lord
GLF Group Looking For
gl hf good luck; have fun
GoR Glyph of Renewal
GvG Guild versus Guild
GWAMM God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals – Rank in Kind of a big deal title track

HA Heroes' Ascent
HFFF Hero Fast Faction Farm
HB HB monk. (Healer's Boon)
HCT Halves casting time
HoD Henge of Denravi
HoH Hall of Heroes
HP hit points, health
HSR Halves skill recharge
H/H Hero/Hench

IDS Icy Dragon Sword
IAS increase attack speed
imho in my humble/honest opinion
imo in my opinion
IMS increase movement speed
int international (district)
IRC Internet Relay Chat
irl in real life
ITT In this thread
IW Illusionary Weaponry
IWAY "I Will Avenge You!

j/k just kidding
JQ Jade Quarry (Competitive Mission)

k thousand/platinum
KC Kaineng Center – Main City in Factions
Keg Farm A farm that is no longer possible.
KoBD Kind of a Big Deal

LA Lion's Arch, trade center of GW
LDD Last Day Dawns
LFG Looking For Group
LFP Looking For Party
LFR Looking For Runner
LMAO Laughing my ass off
LMFAO Laughing my F***ing ass off
LOD Light of Deliverance
LoD Light of Deldrimor- A PvE only skill in the dwarven title track that allows players to reveal treasures in certain areas of the dungeon.
LOL Laugh out Loud
LoS line of sight

mIRC IRC client
MM Minion Master
MoI Mantra of Inscriptions
MoR Mantra of Recall - MoR = Mantra of Recovery - Mantra of Resolve - Mark of Rodgort
MT mistell, a message sent to the wrong person

NPC Non Player Character

omw on my way
obo or best offer
OoB Offering of Blood

PC Price Check
Pew Pew The sound of lasers, which usually associated with "owning" somebody or something.
pip arrow of health or energy regeneration
Pleak Power Leak
Plok Power Block
PM Private Message
prep preparation
PS Protective Spirit
PUG Pickup Group
PvE Player versus Environment
PvP Player versus Player
PvX PvX wiki

QQ Crying
QZ Quickening Zephyr

RA Random Arenas
Renewal Glyph of Renewal
r/b or Reserve bid-"I wont let it be bought until it reaches X amount"
Rez or res Resurrect
RoF (location)Ring of Fire, either the mission outpost or island chain
RoF (skill) Reversal of Fortune
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing

s/b starting bid
sac sacrifice
SB Spirit Bond
SF Sorrow's Furnace - Searing Flames - Shadow Form
SoA Shield of Absorption (the Nightfall reference)
SOJ Shield of Judgement
SoS Signet of Sorrow/Signet of Spirits
SS (skill) Spiteful Spirit
SS (non-skill)screenshot
Sup Superior (Rune)
stfu shut the f*** up
SV Sympathetic Visage - Spoil Victor

TA Team Arenas
TF Tiger's Fury
tbh to be honest
THK Thunderhead Keep
TOA Temple of Ages
Tombs Tomb of the Primeval Kings (PvE), Heroes' Ascent (PvP)
ToPK Tomb of the Primeval Kings
toon someone's character
TS Teamspeak, a voice chat program
ttyl talk to you later
tyt take your time

UW Underworld

VDS Vampiric Dragon Sword
Vent Ventrilo, a voice chat program
VIM "Victory Is Mine!"
VoD "Victory or Death!"
VS Voltaic Spear

wammo W/Mo, usually self-healing
WaW Worlds at War, term for the current Favor system
WoH Word of Healing
WTB Want To Buy
WTF What the f***
WTS Want To Sell
WTT Want To Trade

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