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How To Make Money!

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1 How To Make Money! on Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:17 pm


This is a list of useful tips for those people asking the ever-so-popular question: "How Do I Make Money In Guild Wars?"

  • Pick up and sell everything.

  • Identify all items (including whites with a value of at least 50g) before selling.

  • Use collectors for weapons and armor as much as possible - no need for expensive armors/weapons.

  • Farm popular common materials and sell in bulk.

  • Trade all quest reward trophies for Superior Salvage Kits (not including Trade Contracts - save these for gems.)

  • Don't buy skills that can be gained from quest rewards or Hero Skill Trainers.

  • Always have plenty of inventory space before a long trip - or carry a mercantile summoning stone.

  • Don't buy keys or lockpicks until you're ready for title hunting.

  • Know the value of stuff - don't merchant something that may be worth $$.

  • Check with the various traders before selling stuff to the merchant.

  • Sell unidentified "worthless" golds to players working on their wisdom title.

  • Farm Nicholas the Traveller collectibles.

  • Sell Gifts of the Traveller rather than hoping for that one-in-a-million result.

  • Browse the Guru farming builds section.

  • Play through the game doing primary and secondary quests: Don't skip ahead and don't buy runs.

  • Don't dabble in trading until you've really learnt the value of things.

  • Learn which rewards are worth more than their necessary trophy collectibles.

  • Play to your strengths - if you're good at (for example) vanquishing, sell your services.

  • If you haven't claimed it already, there's a one-off reward of 50 TRP from High Priest Zhang in the Great Temple of Balthazar.

As a general rule of thumb, don't buy anything you don't need. Just playing through the campaigns makes enough money to through the campaigns!

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